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OK, the most spooky question the learners are bound to face themselves is that Grammar, which is the most essential part and the core of any language, is suffice to be learnt up to what extent. Or, they may reprimand the fact that they already are the polymaths of the language so why do they need to bother about learning it. Or more precariously,  they may sometimes tend to set aside the essentials of it altogether. sometime our palliative ego of being too adult to learn the language anew hampers us to build a path of success in our lives.  Readers, find yourself which category do you fall in.  Now when you have cataloged yourself in the list, what next? What if we said that you don’t need to worry at all, we have covered it all for you. Does not it sound like money can buy anything. If your answer is a “yes”,  you are altogether wrong. Yes, your money can buy you the lessons and chapters but just think out of the box what quintessential element is missing. What factor is driving you read and grasp more and more on this page? The factor is— you. Yes, only with a disciplined determination and concentration comes the success. And the scintillating proof of it is that having chosen this tutelage, you have chosen the most unconventional path of getting edified. Congratulations….! But I wish if the applauds only had gained anyone success. Again, before we jump into the course, promise yourself that  you will not ever dare to skip any lesson, chapter, live session, homework, and deflect your mind’s presence while learning. If you think you are too weary of these kind of boring exhortations, read the statements in bold again and again, until you make a serious promise to yourself. So, without ado, let’s get started.

Rather than cramming you with a rote learning, we, here at, IELTS Online Class, will be focusing upon the conditions which are applied just to structure which of the tenses.  Remember, not only learning the formation of a sentence is a must but it is the condition or the sense which if gauged, consider our learning done. In this tutelage, every rule and structure has been so carefully designed to catering to the needs of every sincere learner, be it naive or expert. So, during and after each lesson, you are urged to pay thorough attention to the topic which is written or will be being taught in the lyceum. Again, pay attention on bold words in above paragraph.  (As you promised us a sincerity).


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